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Shanghai, 01/04/11

My last day in Shanghai is over after 8 years of China Vibes. This morning I sent Hui Hui to the airport since she had to go to Beijing for a business trip....we will meet again in Xi An by mid April, she is my first supporter! Last night we had a few drinks with many friends at the so chic Glamour bar by the Bund. For now, here I am, seating in the living of my empty Yong Fu Road's appartment, alone with my bike and gears....departure is set for tomorrow morning at 8.30 am. A Shanghai french friend, Benjamin, told me 4 days ago he would come along with me for 10 days on my way to Xian, so, tomorrow will not be a lonely take off!



Shanghai, 22/03/11

Everything went fine for the past 2 months, my gears are all settled, my visas for China, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan as well, except the iranian one that was delivered to me at the wrong dates!

10 days to go and I am already on the starting blocks! Every morning my eyes keep looking at the not so good weather we have for 4 days....like if I was in the french Alpes waiting for the right weather window to go trekking around the Mont-Blanc's mountain range. On this Saturday the removal company will come over to my home on Yong Fu Road, loading my personal effects and my chines side-car to then send everything to my parent's in Lyon.

 I am enjoying with Hui Hui my last few days in Shanghai after 8 years within the walls of China beating business heart. It is time for me to get some lonelyness, cycling through Qansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang provinces before starting something new in France.


Shanghai, 15/02/11:

By early April 2011, if all goes well and I get my visas in time, I will leave Shanghai and cycle back to France to start a new life. 

From Shanghai I will cross China westward, through Hefei in Anhui province, Xian, Xining in Qinghai province near the tibetan plateau to then reach Dunhuang from where I will enter Xinjiang riding towards Kashgar. From there I will reach Sary Tash in Kyrgyzstan, then go to Tadjikistan on the Pamir High Way from where I will reach Uzbekistam to meet up with my parents. Further South I will cross Turkmenistan for a couple of days to then cycle through Iran, Turkey and reach Istanbul by early August. Then I will probably get on a ferry to South of France or Italy to cycle towards Lyon, my final destination.  

This trip is a dream that I intend to achieve with the support of my family, girlfriend, friends and even my employer.

A few mates are willing to come along with me and enjoy some bit of the itinerary....I will not tell their name at this stage, we'll see who will really shows up on the way!

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