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Gansu province  -  Days 30 to 32

Back on the G312 national road, the true silk road itinerary that goes through the Gansu corridor to reach Xinjiang province. At its northern side is the Gobi desert and at its southern side the Qi Lian Shan mountain range. Cycling this region is not really interesting, the landscapes are all the same and my worse enemy is the western wind that is breaking my speed each and every afternoon. Fortunately when the sky is clear I still can take a look at the Qilian Shan south side and make my way through this quite dry region.


Before leaving Zhang Ye I visisted the local "Da Fo Si" that shows a sleeping buddha and some nice wall paintings.


The sleeping buddha, said to be the biggest in China....to be verified!


By the main street of Zhang Ye, late afternoon on my arrival.


Li-Ning is everywhere, this sportwear brand was created by a famous chines athlete and is quite successful around planete China.


A self-portrait in a narrow street of Zhang Ye.


An old gate in Zhang Ye.


Back on the G312, this is the silk road, the chinese section.


Shanghai is the G312's kilometer number 1, here it shows 2715 kilometers on this marker. From Xi'an, the G312 is the national road that tally with the ancien silk road itinerary.


In the afternoon a strong sand storm stops me from going forward. This picture was taken at its begining when still OK for a digital camera to be out of its pocket!


At nigh I slept at some Han's home for 40 CNY in a spare room with a TV set that didn't work despite its world famous brand.


The next day in the morning: blue sky, clear view and no wind at all!



Trucks, trucks and trucks again!


Among those peaks some stand over 5000 meters.


Under construction: the rail track of the fast train that will link Lanzhou to Wulumuqi, the far west capital city of Xinjiang province.


On my arrival 30 kms from Jia Yu Guan.


This is Mr Ma Lu Bin, a 59 years old Huis gentleman from Altai in northern Xinjiang province. He is cycling from Dunhuang towards his city of origin in South Gansu province. We shared a tomatoe and had a good talk. He told me I am riding at the wrong season since winds are all going eastward...


Mr Ma Lu Bin and myself, he gave me his email address so I have to send him this picture!

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