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Xinjiang province  -  Days 52 to 58

I spent 1 week in Kashgar, resting, enjoying 4 precious days with Hui Hui and getting ready for what is coming next: the Pami High Way with my friend Vince whom came from France to join during 2 weeks.


A knif maker in the old city of Kashgar.


The destruction of the old city, old houses are being smashed down, 40% of them will remain.


Somewhere else.


One of Idkah mosk's minaret in Central Kashgar.


Remaining old buildings in the foreground and the modern ones in the back.


A local dentist, I am glad I did my check up in France before the trip.


Hui Hui and I on our way to Karakul Lake: happy to be together again.


On our arrival at Karakul lake the weather isn't perfect but still the place is stunning.


A lake view from the stone houses of soime local Kyrgyz peoples.


Hui Hui standing by the side of our "stone Kyrgyz yurt" that will be our shelter for the night.


Local Kyrgyzs..


The grand-ma of the family hosting us is doing her afternoon prayer.



On the left our driver, an Uighur man and on the left, a Kyrgyz man.


Sun set, behind those mountaines: Tajikistan.



Next morning, Hui Hui wakes up while someone helps us heating the yurt and preparing tea.


The local Kyrgyz grand-ma.



A last walk around the lake. Those yaks walked ahead of us and took a morning bath. In the back ground is Muztagata Peak - 7546 meters.





The grass lands surrounding the lake. Summer times must be paradize on earth up there!



Our driver seating next to the heater in our yurt.


The animal Sunday market of Kashgar.

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