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Xinjiang province  -  Days 47 to 51

On my night in Kuqa I visited the old town that turned to be actually quite well preserved. The next day was a white day and for the first time the wind became my ally, pushing me most of my way towards Aksu. I am now in Kashgar which is my final destination in China, after a ride of 4188 kms. I deserve a good rest!


A local lady at night fall, Kuqa old town.


The local "nan" for bread, they are delicious and are the basis of the local Ouigur food.


The inner courtyard of Kuqa's main mosk at the old town.


Kuqa's old town.


Kuqa's old town.


The next day is a white day....very boring!



On the national road I follow the High Way which for the last 500 kms before Kashgar still is under construction.


The night before I reached Aksu I had a good talk with this young boy whom was doing the translation job "mandarin into their turkish language" for his parents.


This small hotel was dirty and a real stink yet it offered my first ever elephant basin tap.


The next day on the way to Aksu.


Local men starring at my bike and gears at a local Thursday market.


In Aksu, a local fast-food.


The fashion district of Aksu.


And a luxurious newly opened shopping mall, probably the first one ever in the city.


A mosk stands next to a construction building.


A Uigur man looks after his grand childrens while a Han worker waits for the crane to come and pick up fresh ciment.


The straight arrow indicates "Ka Shi", Kashgar in mandarin piyin.


So here is what is commonly called the "northern silk road" of China...here a very boring ride ahead.


The last 460 kms before Kashgar become a lot more enjoyable in terms of landscapes and colors.



A one night set up  in a very small village by the road side. I always sleep next to my bike.


Those places are made for truck drivers: they rest, sleep, eat and fix their trucks that often break down.



The local Uighur man and his wifes. The owner of the place I stayed.



An other damned endless straight line!


The rail track that follow the national road G 314.


Celebrating my 4,000th kilometer from my Shanghai ex-home until here, in the middle of no where.


The rainbow mountaine range: brown, grey, green, black and red rocks make a spectacular scenary. Later, a geologist from Beijing told me that the color variation corresponds to each type of rock's age.


The man, his son and their donkey, late afternoon on their way back home, we did a few kilometers together. I am happy to say they were going slower than me, so I had to carry on and leave them!




An other disgusting small hotel, this is the view out of my window, I let you imagine the bedroom....



Local men at a street restaurant.


The next day in the morning, starting the last 150 kms towards Kashgar.



Multi-color mountaines along the G 314, on the way to Kashgar.



The squared pannels you see you top of my back rack are solar panels they allow me to charge my i-pod or cell phone's batteries. A very efficient device.

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