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Henan province  -  Days 8 and 9

Yesterday was our first day off from riding our bicycles, we needed a whole day rest and took the opportunity to cover 280 kms by bus. That will help me cover the whole distance to Xian on time and preserve my physical conditions. 


My bike and Benjamin checking in at the International Hotel of Nanyang.


If you dont know where Nanyang is, now you know it is a world reknown city!


The friendly ladies of the hotel lobby greet us on our arrival.


When we left Nanyang today morning we started riding right from the door step of our hotel room...


On our way today we found a stone carving site with massive pieces of chinese rocks.




My bike and the "non stop in coming trucks" on the back ground, at the 1100 kms mark on the G312 national road.


Benjamin at kilometer 80 something today, was a very dusty and windy day.


Old Hunan style farm by the road side.




Peoples from the countryside of Henan.


An old friendly man at kilometer 1127, back ground 3 of the millions of trucks that China counts.


Last pic of the day 9: the dinosaurs of Henan...take a closer look: Benjamin and I stand by the feet of that big thing.

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