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Henan province  -  Days 6 and 7

We covered 100 kms yesterday and 137 kms today which is our new daily record. The area is quite boring, landscapes aren't really beautiful and the countryside is extremely poor. Peoples are great, smiling and keep on welcoming us like if we are coming from an other planete...


At the end of day 6, we stop for the night at the village of Fen Lou Kou and share a hotel with many truck drivers.


While we have diner, kids of the village can't stop looking at us and told us we are the first "laowai" (foreigners) to stop in Fen Lou Kou...since they are young, I believed them!


On the morning of day 7 the G312 disappeared and we have no choice but to ride on the high way, fortunately it is empty and we cover 40 kms on it.


The highway is empty, we enjoyed an almost zero traffic risk and a level of english spelling as good as mine!


A typical farm of Anhui province, this one is not far from the border with Henan province.


Later during the day we get back on the G312 and celebrate our 700th kilometer from Shanghai....exausted.


The province of Henan is a very poor rural area of China. Peoples are super friendly and keep on waving at us from their house, on the road's side.


My bike is having a rest and contemplating an other heavy weigth....


This is what the G312 looks like when I am looking back above my shoulder.

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