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An Hui province  -  Days 4 and 5

We wasted a lot of time catching up with the Nan Jing bridge to cross the Chang Jiang river but we finally made it on the morning of day 4. An Hui province is quite unknown to me, I just knew it is one of China poorest region.


We cross the famous Nan Jing bridge, it flyes over the Chang Jiang river and its fences display some metal plates about notorious chinese communist events, here above is the famous "long marche".


This friendly lady (for ground) is 75 years old, we had a instant noddle for lunch on day 4 and enjoyed her company.


Her again...


The quarries of An Hui are everywhere, they generate a non-stop truck traffic which did not make our day easy!


We cross the river on a tiny barge and make it for the last ride of the day 4.


Peaceful river and its boatman.


On my bike, with friends...


The region is very much Christian, we barely see any temple and crossed many churches on our way.


This beautifull lady was standing on our hotel bed room's wall in the village of Gu He.


On the morning of day 5, between Gu He and Fei Dong. 

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