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Gansu and Qinghai province  -  Days 22 to 25

I left He Zuo Zhen to go to Xia He, a typical tibetan place near the border with Qinghai. From there I then cycled a few passes, one standing at 3,350 meters and spent a second night in Gwa Shi Zi, a very small tibetan village, lost in the middle of wonderful high-lands.


I leave He Zuo Zhen and pass by the city's main monastery. It has been totally destroyed during the cultural revolution and has since then been restaured.


Break on the slow way up to Xia He.


A young monk is curious about my bike on my arrival in Xia He.


I met this monk on my arrival and asked him if I could have a picture with him and my bike as a souvenir.





The next morning on the kora path of Xia He. The lady laying on the ground is a pilgrim.


At 7 am this monk community is gathering for some prayers and songs.


While "civilians" if I may say so are facing them and asking for blessings.


The river along Xia He, in the early morning.


Monks are proceeding to a special ritual, I could not get the meaning of it.



Those monks belong to a Yellow cap buddhist school. Xia He also counts a Black Hat school.









The "wheel & the dears" are also famous for standing on top of the jokang temple's main gate in Lhasa.


I left Xia He and make my way to Gwa Shi Zi, the first pass is at 3,351meters.


The valley of my dreams: unspoiled and wide.


Saw some wild goose on that tiny lake side but didn't have time to shoot...


On the way to the last pass


Yack's place.


The village of Gwa Shi Zi at night fall.


Young monks come to the store of the lady whom is hosting me for the night. She makes delicious yogurts and they love her chines icecreams.


Next morning....view from the hill on top of the village.


The Kora path of Gwa Shi Zi


One of the stupas.



The monk and his students...


We talked at his home for a while, about China, Lybia and my trip. A very nice man.




The out post of Gwa Shi Zi, then I will just ride down for many kilometers, leaving once and for all the high-lands of the North-East corner of the tibetan plateau.




Fixing the river bank those 2 workers are also sleeping on its bank!


Vertical rocks.


On the way down towards Xining, from the high-lands.


As we say in french: "Et la lumière fut...!"

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