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Shanghai and JIangsu provinces  -  Days 2 and 3

We did so far 320 kms with in 3 days, we left the National Road G312 for a will today and did a short cut that allowed us to reach Nan Jing tonight. The weather is fine perfect, it has been an excellent ride and we finally escaped from the endless industrial areas, touching our very first chines countryside landscapes. Our knees are suffering from time to time, so we take breaks every 20 kms, have a drink and do some fast strecthing.


The G312 "Guo Dao", this national road is a myth, it links Shanghai to Wulumuqi in Xinjiang province, 5 hours flight away.


For the frenchies...SIDA is the french spelling for AIDS...one of the hundreds of factories along the G 312.


On the second night we stayed in hotel in Chang Zhou city, this section of the town is the world capital for street lamps of all kinds...the whole main street's sides are covered with related stores. This is the view by the entrance of our hotel lobby.


My bike and gears, everything "sleeps with me" in the same room.


With Benjamin, my first road mate, on the morning of day 3 after the first 20 kms of the day. He is a super nice guy, in China for many years as well, fond of motor sports, he rides all accross China with big japanese Honda and KTM stuffs....and enjoys cycling as well.


On Day3, we have an ideal lunch break by the side of a fish farm water tank... I had no fish in my bowl for some reasons I ignore, their pork meat was excellent as long as I put tons of soja sauce on top of it...


We had a break on a river concrete bridge and contemplated its surroundings...for the first time since we left Shanghai, we saw a river with very little pollution and no plastic litters.


My bicycle checking at a Government Hotel this late afternoon, south Nan Jing city.

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