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Shaanxi province  -  Days 13 to 17

Had 4 relaxing days in Xian with my loving Hui Hui, I left Xian this afternoon to do 250 kms by bus and save enough time to enjoy the tibetan areas of Gansu.


Hui Hui in the street of Xian.


The horses of Xian's Terra Cotta warriors.


The Terra Cotta Warriors, still quite a thing!



The delicious noddles of western China...


And the delicious beef sticks from Xinjiang...plus a new hair cut as you may notice, because I am worth it!


Hui Hui by the bell tower of Xian.


Leaving Xian this afternoon, the bus drives through the endless flat western side of Xian towards the first mountains of Gansu.


A quick view from the bus.


The full moon of Tian Shui from the main street.

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