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Gansu province  -  Days 18 to 21

I left Tian Shui and it took me more time than i thought to finally connect with the high-lands of Gansu where the first tibetans are. Thus I still had to ride in Han's areas for an other 3 to 4 days to finally reach the high lands and the city of He Zuo Zhen where I am having a rest for 1 day.


One of the last Christian church I can see, then in the far west of China it is only Mosks, Buddhist temples or Han's believe related places.


An other typical house by the road side.


A friendly man as amazed by my outlook as I was by his glasses.


This is Zhao You Jun, 18 years old, student in Lan Zhou the capital city of Gansu and going back to his home town by bicycle. I was quite impressed by his courage, we had a short talk and took some pictures.


From Tian Shui I used an other National road: the G 316.


In the city of Wu Shan I had a long talk over a diner with those students, under the patronage of Chairman Mao, standing in the back ground.


After Wu Shan the road is a lot more beautiful surrounded by mountains.


The next evening I arrived in the village of Ye Hu Qiao and was welcomed by the local police forces! They helped me find a Yu Guan, small hotel for truck drivers and invited me for an excellent diner. Second from the right is the big boss, first from the left was taking good care of me and even helped me carry my bike up to my room.


The chines map I have to use to find my way in this mountainous region of Gansu.



               One of the numerous old man I saw in many villages, still wearing a quite traditionnal outfit.piste .


A brand new mosk, standing by the mountains of Gansu.


On a lunch break I had a delicious meal at this Huis family restaurant, somewhere on the G 316.


One of the many blue tri-cycle tractors that all farmers have. One of them actually crashed into the road's side slope because the driver was looking at me while driving!


The boy on the left is the son of a Huis couple whose Yu Guan was the only place I could stay in for a night. In the evening he took me out for diner and asked me if he could take photographs of me with him and his friends, since I was said to be the first foreigner to pass by in years.



Peoples in the field with their donkey.


A 5 minutes break, the ladies on the left are of Huis muslim minority.



The boy and his rocks...we followed eachother for like 10 kms, he was very curious and could speak good mandarin with strong local accent!


I did about 130 kms on this type of trail, it looks fun but this is the worse you may give to your bike and body.


In the back ground the first snow peaks I am able to see.


Here we are in the tibetan regions of Gansu, guys are taking a break while working on the field with their yacks.


A tibetan girl and her friend, they can't believe they see a "lao wai" here, for foreigner, and are amused when I asked of I could take a picture of them. The other girl is holding a young sheep in her arms.




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