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Shaanxi province  -  Day 12

On the 13th of April Benjamin flew back to Shanghai and I finally found myself alone on the trip for the first time. It is a total different feeling since I have to be globally more alert on everything but it somehow also makes it easier with peoples when I need help for direction or anything else. Since I had long planned this trip to be on my own, I enjoy that part as well very much.

I am now in Xian for a 4 days rest before entering Gansu and Qinghai provinces.


Leaving Shang Luo at 9.30 am, I have to ride 40 kms up to a pass at 1300 meters.


The traditionnal roof tops of a group of farm houses along the G312.


This encounter has been the best of my day. Mr Xiao Zhong Jui is a 65 years old muslim chines man from Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia. He was riding opposite towards Shanghai where his son works in the nearby province of Zhenjiang. We talked for a while and shared a few pictures before we carried on with our respective routes.


From the pass, I started a 35kms way down with some of the best views I had since I left Shanghai.


And some short tunnels where I could get some fresh air for a few seconds.


The G312 national road.

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