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Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukara - Days 1 to 7 in Uzbekistan.

I had to modify my itinerary and go to Tashkent to process my Azerbaijan Visa since I could not do it in Dushanbe as previously thought in order to ride straight towards Samarkand. An other reason being that half of the border passes between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are closed to travellers since both governments aren't very good friends! I have met my parents in Tashkent and now enjoy a "no bicycle" week with them, visiting a pretty flat country but full of amazing cultural sites.


Tashkent, on the left the old soviet style Hotel Uzbekistan and on the right a brand new parliament, built by the chines within a year time!


A monument for the Earth Quake that devastated Tashkent a few decades ago.


A Tashkent street.


Tashkent's subway: ticket office.


Tashkent's subway: the "USSR space conquest" station, walls covered with famous astronauts icons, is that gentleman Mr Yuri Gagarin?


And that lady the first soviet lady to have travelled into space?


An entrance of Tashkent's subway.


On our way to Samarkand.


Samarkand, the Registan square.


The wall of the house that is the only left Synagog in Samarkand. Most of the jews fled from the country after independance, moving to Israel.


A mosk in Samarkand.



My great Mum and Dad.


My Dad enjoying the confort of Lada ride in the narrow street of Samarkand.




With my parents.



My beautifull Mum, standing by the side wall of a mausoleum.




The Registan square, again, it is so big and beautifull, you never get bored with it.




So here we are, in Bukara.


The colors are similar but the city is a lot more concentrated and its monuments very well restaured.



Above on the left is a minaret and on the right side the entrance of a Medersa, old coranic school.




The last Emir of Bukara and one of his wife!


The fortress of Bukara.


My bedroom in Bukara...interesting isn't it?


Bukara, sorry I can't recall which is which amog all those sites. Therefor my anotations are quite poor. Just come to Uzbekistan with a good guide or a Lonely Planete!




Mr Islam Karimov, the president of Uzbekistan for the past 20 years and ex-communist party official.



A less restaured corner of Bukara....





Sunset in Bukara, from a nice restaurant's terrasse.

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