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Bukara and the way to Farap border - Day 8 in Uzbekistan.

My last day in Uzbekistan is my first full day on my bike since I was travelling the country by car with my parents until then.


A last picture in Bukara before the ride...


Approaching the city of Karakul...there was also a village named Karakul in Tajikistan so don't get confused!


Iranian, turkish, turkmen, uzbek russian and kazak trucks queuing before the border.


I just got welcomed in the only house available at the border. I have to stay overnight on the uzbek side to meet my guide and driver in Turkmenistan the next day. This is Mama Fatima, she just offered me half a water melon while she enjoys the other half!


The house I stayed in for the night...after the late afternoon sand storm!


Mama Fatima preparing tea for me...the water comes from a nearby river.


Mama Fatima cooking diner for her french guest: russian sausages, eggs from around the house, local bread and some russian piva (for "beer").


The next day in the morning, good bye Uzbekistan! Behind me is the uzbek border, ahead of me, the turkmen one.

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