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Days 9 to 17 in Turkey.

We carry on the Black Sea coast, riding through Sinop area then towards Amasra from where we would go straight south towards the main road leading us to Istanbul.


As some of you may know my nickname is "baz"...thus I could not resist doing this shot.



Kids selling fruits on the road side.




A typical turkish village on the way Sinop-Amasra






Ataturk is everywhere, here on a restaurant's walls.



Shot taken from Jeff's I-Phone.



Our fear at every turn: an other long and steep way up...


This is a screen shot of google earth on my pc while checking our itinerary elevation profile...


Amasra bay.


Next morning in Amasra, Jeff is ready after he drank a can of Redbull....



Tea break on the way....


The melting turkish asphalt, a new type of nightmare: bad quality asphalte and hot weather make the road sticky: a terrible challenge for our bikes and legs!


On the road side we often stop at natural water sources and met local families.


Jeff ending a long 30 kms way up...


My legs...so that no one will say I didn't ride long enough!


This is Srini from India, we met 100 kms before Istanbul. He cycles from London to New Delhi and has a charity project. Respect! And good luck to you Srini!





On our arrival we head straight towards the ferri terminal.


Bye bye Asia, good day Europe!


Sirma Limonade is my personnal selection for anyone loving limonade and going to Turkey: just go for this brand, it is the best.


And finally here we are, in Sultanamhet and with Ayasofya in the back-ground.


This one is in front of the blue mosk.



The blue mosk.


A last lunch with Jeff and seating next to my darling Hui Hui whom just arrived from Shanghai.


On the next day, a CMA vessel passes the Bosphorus.




And similarly to Xian, Dunhuang and Kashgar, all I have to say is "happy to be together again".

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