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Days 3 to 8 in Turkey.

We carry on the Black Sea coast, riding through Giresun, Samsun, Ordu to then reach Sinop, the local Saint-Tropez where we, for the first time, feel a bit of a "sex & sun" summer atmosphere. The more we ride west, the more the country changes and looks more open and modern in many ways.


One of the endless discussions Jeff and I have during our breaks. Here he tries to convince me that Germany is a lot more advanced & modern than France in many ways....and I don't agree! Vive la France!


Near Ordu.


Local man and his son, we had a cup of tea at his shop. On our arrival he washed our perspiring heads with cool water, that was really nice of him!


Giresun, the boy whom fixed Jeff's broken rim, super friendly and a black-belt judoka.



Jeff talking to local men.


The turkish easy-rider...




Shot taken while cycling...


An other one, so you can see what I see when I look down at my bike while riding.



Near Ordu, heading west.


Jeff asks this local man why there are so many naked ladies on this local newspaper...and you don't need to speak turkish or french to understand eachother on such topic.


Jeff taking the lead towards Sinop.


This is the city Yakakent, facing the Black Sea with its national hero's statue, the excellent Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, right in the middle of the main square.




The beach nearby.


The turkish warriors, Jeff and I, before and other day ride.




This is René from Germany, cycling from Hamburg towards Georgia via Turkey. Super friendly gentleman.


Our iranian hero: Mr Abbas Razzaghi, 51 years old, using the same bike for 25 years, cycled 28 countries and 43,000 kms, on his way back to Iran after a trip of 26 months. A unique, smart and generous person.


The fantastic Mr Abbas Razzaghi.


A well deserved beach lunch with locally smoked fishes.

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