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Days 18 to 25 in Turkey.

My friend Jeff goes back to Germany after a sharp 2,000 kms from Tbilissi to the blue mosk of Istanbul. My body needs a break and Hui Hui comes from Shanghai after 2 months away from eachother. Time for some real holidays!


 Aya Sofia

Aya Sofia from an other side.


Hui Hui at Topkapi palace.


Windy bosphorus and its container vessels.


On the left: Asia, and on the right: Europe!





The Bosphorus and super tanker.


Hui Hui looking at Sultanamhet.



Bozcaada beach.


Bozcaada beach.


Hui Hui enjoying the Aegean Sea.



The fortress of Bozcaada.


The ferry terminal


Somewhere on the Sea of Marmara.

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