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Days 1 to 4: on the train Istanbul-Lubjana and the crossing of Slovenia.

I left istanbul on the 10 pm night train to Beograd where I would transfered to Lubjana. In total the rail journey took 2 nights and 2 days. There was only one turkish wagon going through western Turkey, Bulgaria and Serbia. On board the atmosphere was great, the whole world was there, mainly tourists: young and old: chinese, french, deutch, spanish, korean, hungarian, polish, turkish and british. 2 long days with nothing much to do but talking and sharing cigarettes and soda drinks.


On the train talking with british train mates...somewhere in Bulgaria.


This is Florentin, a young french teenager, travelling with his Mum and brother, still sleeping on the first morning of the journey.


The train station of Sofia Bulgaria.



The main hall of Sofia's train station.


We wait 7 hours in Sofia for others wagons to join and carry on towards Serbia. French and deutch teenagers play cards to kill time.



Train mates: a french lady from Paris on the left and a slovenian lady on the right, enjoying a cigarette and later on dancing on some tango music from their Iphone.


An other view on the platforms of Sofia's train station.


Beograd's railway station, waiting for the next train to Lubjana.



Finally here I am, back in European Union!


A slovenian village.




Lubjana streets.


The way towards Italy.



I take a short cut and cycle a nice and peaceful mountain road.



My front tyre, after 8,000 kms.

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