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The Pamir High Way - Days 1 to 6 in Tajikistan.

We entered Tajikistan and have been riding the Pamir High Way for 6 to 7 days.


Vince with, in his back, the Lenin Peak that stands in Kyrgyzstan at 7,135 meters.


Our first look at Karakul lake, altitude is around 3,980 meters.


The road is going down towards the village of Karakul, that makes me smiling.


A perfect ride isn't it?!


Vince, 20 kms from Karakol with a stunning view in the back ground.


The basics of a pamiry village: heavy and reliable vehicules dating from the soviet era, flat houses, some electric wires and solar panels. Water is provided by mother nature.


The father of the "home stay" we spent the night at.



A local ambulance.




On the way up towards the most difficult pass we have to ride: Ak Baital pass, altitude 4,655 meters.


Almost done with it but not yet, Vince took my camera and made those 2 shots. I was not in the mood for it since I was extremelly exausted and tired.


At the top of the pass: altitude 4,655 meters: a strange mix of happiness, suffering and cold.


We found shelter for the night at some local tajik people's house and slept at 4,400 meters. Meals were basic but excellent: yak's yorgurt, tea, bread and butter. 


The lady and her young boy, on the other side of the main room where we all slept.


Next morning, some exercise before heating up the road.


Getting closer to Murgab.


Local kids near Murgab.


In Murgab, near the local bazar.


One of the main street in Murgab.


Near the bazar.


Kyrgyz kids, late afternoon near the bazar.




In the house of Maria and Jorge....


Maria was a beautifull lady, her walls are covered with pictures of their glorious past life during the soviet times.


And they seem to be Lenin's fans!



The main mosk of Murgab.



While we leave Murgab, a nice look at a local grassland, on our way towards Nazaitash Pass that stands at 4137 meters.


The "Maillot Vert" of our Tajik Tour!




Lake Yashil Kul near Bulunkul where we rested 1 day.



Vince on his way back from the lake side to Bulunkul.



A local man tries my bicycle in Bulunkul.


A local lady stands in front of yak's dungs that are used as heater combustible.


A local girl of Bulunkul, her father insisted I take a picture of her.


Rangeland around Bulunkul.


A wind storm falls on the village for half an hour.



The son of our tajik "Gérard Lanvin" whom welcomed us for 2 nights and a day.



The russian motor force, always there in the most remote places of the ex Soviet empire.






On the second morning I fill up my flasks before the ride.


On the way up to Koi-Tezek pass, altitude 4272 meters.

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