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Wakhan valley and the way to Dushanbe - Days 7 to 14 in Tajikistan.

From Bulunkul we slowly left the Pamir plateau after riding Khargush pass at 4,344 meters. Then we met the afghan border that we followed for a couple of days, facing the Hindukush peaks and a stunning mountainous nature.


Vince getting closer to the border with Afghanisan right in the back ground of this picture.


The trail gets full of sand at some point and it's impossible to ride properly.


On the left side of the river: Afghanistan.


On the left Afghanistan and on the right, Tajikistan.


A local shepherd welcomes us on the road side.


An afghani sheep pen


We set up our camp for the night , altitude 3,800 meters, 30 meters away from Afghanistan, right across the river...



Our camp at night fall.


On the next morning we carry on, here a afghan bridge on the other side of the main river.


Local transportation on the main road towards Langar.


An other afghani sheep pen.


Vince on his way down towards Langar...


Vince talking to a shepherd, in the back ground, the Hindukush peaks.


The Hindukushs in the back-ground.



An other flat tire for Vince...


The Hindukush in the back-ground.



This is Chirs from the UK, travelling towards New Zealand, we had a good talk for 20 minutes.


The Tajik "ZZ Top"!


A friendly gentleman, on the way to Khorog.




The tajik high-way and in the back ground the afghani high-way....


Can you see the afghani pick-up car? This is the only decent road we could see on their side.




Brenda and Peter, our belgium friends for a day ride towards Khorog.








On the left our tajik road, on the right Afghanistan.


On the top, the Tajik president, Mr Rahmonov, in power for almost 20 years.


In Khorog, a war memorial.


Student girls in Khorog. The city own the most famous university of Tajikistan.


Khorog streets



A local fuel station on the way to Dushanbe

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