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Days 1 to 5 in Italy.

I arrived in Italy via the city of Gorizia, spent the first night in Gradisca then cycled towards Treviso. On the second day around noon I meet my father and Aaron my brother in law whom came to ride with me in Italy towards Chamonix Mont Blanc where I am supposed to arrive on August 20th for an arrival party.


On arrival in Gorizia: forza Italia!


The city of Gorizia



A Fiat 500 ahead of me, no doubt, i am well in Italy!


First night in the city of Gradisca, this shot shows the mess my gears make on my bed when bags are opened.


Some of the essential little things I carry with me on the trip: 2 x handphones, a pair of cisors, a km counter, a mirror, a Dazer (anti-dogs attack device Made in the USA), some Omnifix to adjust any kind of bandage in case of injury, a nail-clipper, a protective tibetan stone, some Betadine in case of serious wounds, some spare spokes for my wheels, a sponge bracelet, a red binocular, a head lights, a swiss army knif and a tube of shaving foam (Made in Pakistan!).


The landlord of "Al Trieste" hotel in Gradisca, a very kind lady.



The Italian countryside, on the way towards Treviso.



An other "meeting the heros" encounter: this is Franck, 61 years, french and walking from South Portugal to Jerusalem during 9 months....this is the 5th pair of walking shoes he uses since he left Portugal...


Celebrating my 8,002 kilometer on my counter, the real cycled distance is actually a few hundreds kms more than that.



I cycled on a Sunday, 15th of August in Italy. This is a very bad idea: it is normally God's day and August 15th is a special day for Catholics. So the streets were empty, stores closed and there were very few places opened to get some water or a soda. In a village i crossed, this bar was opened and run by chinese peoples from Wenzhou. I told them the story of my trip, speaking mandarin with them....they were amazed and took pictures of me. Then I thought they would graciously offer me the Schwepps Soda I drank on their counter....well, "in my dreams!" as we say in french, I had to pay the 2 euros for my yellow Schwepps can. Wenzhou peoples are always tough in business!


Aaron, my brother in law, just arrived with my Dad, he will cycle with untill Argentière in France. Here unloading his bike and gears from the car.



Stealing grappes from a wine yard...


Italians will always have this amazing sens for good design: here our hotel lobby in Verona.



With Aaron, my brother in law,  we get ready for the ride from Verona.




The Garda lake.


....an expensive italian paradise.


My 3rd flat tyre in almost 5 months!


Aaron, riding besides me. Why are americans always looking so cool? French can't beat that!



Arriving in Crema, a little town south of Milano...empty streets at 7pm, August is a lazy month in Europe, because of holidays.


The prettiest italian girl we've met: the waiter of a restaurant where we had diner.


Aaron with some locals, getting fresh updates on our itinerary.



An other sunny break.



My name and what my job is about, in 2 italian words!


This is a personnal tribute to my oldest friend, Brice Genin, whom we also call "Brissot" or "Brico". In the past we travelled tens of countries together and I missed him a lot on that "Back Home Silk Road".


The main square in Ivrea. What ever is your camera shoting angle, it always looks good in Italy!


The Aosta valley.



Aosta city entrance.


And on the next day we start our way up towards the Great Saint Bernard pass to reach Switzerland before touching mother France.




The way up is about 34 kms...


Aaron easily takes the lead.



And finally here we are! In Switzerland.


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