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Days 2 to 8 in Georgia.

I have left Tbilisi with my old friend Jeff whom is riding with me towards Istanbul. He works in Germany and his boss is turkish so he got as many holidays as he wanted to for this trip!  From Tbilisi we headed west towards Batumi on the Black Sea coast before heading towards Turkey.


Georgia is Christian Orthodox, here the Sminda Sameba Cathedral of Tbilissi.



View at Tbilisi old city.


Jeff's bike arrived in Tbilisi in pretty bad shape, one of his rims got broken and both wheels were buckled so we had to fix them at this workshop. The staffs were all Bmx fans teenagers, here one of Jeff's buckled rim getting fixed.



The Lada spirit of Georgia.


Jeff seating on the back of a Lada, enjoying his first day in Tbilisi.



On the next day, we just left Tbilisi and are ready for the ride towards Istanbul.


In Gori, the city where Stalin was born. Did this shot obviously on the Stalin Avenue.


Jeff in a public park that surrounds the Stalin's Museum of Gori, in the back ground.


In the museum, the next morning.


Lenin, Stalin and other comrades.




We leave Gori and head towards Batumi. Old fuel stations are true Monuments in Georgia!


A closer look, the red horse drawn carriage comes after a red Mercedes 500...


A bus station in the georgian country side, on the left Jeff asks for informations to locals. Those public places dating from the soviet times are all made of amazingly beautifull mosaics. Unfortunately they nowadays all fall into ruins.


This is 1.98m Mike from London, 47 and riding towards Shanghai! We meet after Gori and enjoyed a good lunch together.



Peoples living in Japana did not seem to be Japan's fans....but who knows, I was just passing by!



A mosaic at a Second World War monument.




Young georgian girls at the entrance of a church, on a morning ceremony.


Here she is finally: the Black Sea!


Batumi harbour.


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