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Day 1 in Georgia.

I left Azerbaijan and cycle towards Tbilissi, roads are in ok conditions but the contrast is great. Georgia is Christian Orthodox and its peoples have a very different temper compared with muslims, a lot more cold and discret.


The entrance of the village of Tsnori on my way to Tbilissi...nothing much to say!



An ex-fuel station.


The first church I encounter since I left China.


Georgian countryside.


My stove, boiling water for a well deserved cup of tea...


An other camping night.


And the next morning some visitors.





This picture is a georgian tribute to my old friend Didi whom got married last year.


An old soviet war memorial, you may recognize Stalin's face.



And here they are, Thomas, Valériane (french), Ke Wen (chines) and Gerlnot (Austrian): they left Shanghai on May 1st with their chines side-car towards Paris. They went through Kazakstan and arrived in Baku 3 days behind me. They finally passed me 30 kms before Tbilissi.




On my arrival in Tbilissi: ...and I forgot to mention, Georgia is a highly pro-american country!

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