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Days 1 to 5 in France.

Leaving Chamonix after 2 days of rest, my father dropped me and my bike in Sallanches from where I cycled during 2 days towards Lyon, my final destination.


From the Great St Bernard pass we entered Switzerland for just 24 hours.


Getting closer to France....


The next day after Aaron and I reached the top of Forclaz pass, we finally arrived in France in the early afternoon....I was quite desappointed by our "France" sign board, I was expecting something better looking than this ugly "speed limits signs in France"...definitely not up to the level of France's beauty!


And a few kilometeres later, at the Montets's pass, I finally meet with my first "welcoming comity", from left to right: Patrick, Marco, then next to the sign board is Aaron, my uncle Nono and Vince with a Tajik flag!



And a few minutes later we all together ride down towards Argentière, a few kilometers away, in the valley of Chamonix.


In front of me, 2 famous peaks, the "Aiguille Verte" and "Les Drus", a landscape part of my life for 35 years ...and you never get bored with it!


Earlier on my father and a friend were installing some welcoming boards on our "chalet"'s walls.




By our house: Aaron, Florent my brother, my Dad, myself, my Mum and my sister.


Le ptit colis, le maraja, Arthur my cousin and Dady my god-mother.


My beautiful Mum and many other friends.


Sandy, Vince's wife and Mélanie my sister.


Aaron, my cousin Béryl, Sandy and Vince.


Behind me stands the Mont-Blanc, Europe's highest peak (4,807m).


Nothing better than a good family diner with some good wine.


Les Chardonnets.


The Mont-Blanc, Europe's highest peak, altitude 4,807 m.


2 days later, local french newspaper "Le Dauphiné" publishes an article on my trip! "First class" isn't it? ;-)


On Tuesday I left Argentière to ride towards my final destination: Lyon. Here my bike stands at Vince's "L'auto beauté" store near Sallanches, where it got showered before starting the last 280 kms...

Beautifull Haute-Savoie!




Getting closer to Aix-Les-Bains....


I finally camped at Albens's camping site, a small french village: nice, clean and quiete.



And while I enjoyed my last camping night, I listened to some music, trying to accept that this is it....the end of the trip!


Albens's church on the main square of the village.



On the way, getting closer to Aix-Les-Bains


A good thing about Europe, most cities have cycling sideways.


Aix-Les-Bains's lake.


Right after the "Col du Chat".


Le Rhône is France second longest river and it passes Lyon.



France mainly is a Christian Catholic nation, everywhere in the countryside, a traveller will encounter such religious symbols.



Lyon, 60 kilometers!!



26 kilometers!!


Here I am, soon crossing the Rhône river, cycling over the "Presqu'ile" to then take a right turn towards Collonges Au Mont d'Or, the village where my parents live, in the suburbs of Lyon. 




Victory!!!!!! Here I am, in Collonges au Mont D'or, after almost 4 months & 25 days and 9,258 kilometers on my bike.


Time to get in home and start a new life, back in France.

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