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The way from Bakou to Tbilissi  -  Days 2 to 7 in Azerbaijan.

I visisted then left Baku on Sunday and headed via the northern road towards Tbilissi, along the Great Caucasus range.


Azerbaijan is not a cycling country, this is the only place in the entire country (I believe) where I could fix my back rim: found a mecanic whom knows Shimano components!


Starting from the left: the mecanic on my wheel, Fahik from my hotel whom helped me to find this workshop and our taxi driver whom was curious about the all thing: a french in Baku desperately trying to fix a bicycle rim!


On the way back to my Hotel, this is the cabin of our Taxi, an old french Renault 12, vive la France!


The new Baku: net, well designed and modern.


The old town.


Old city walls.



The national Hero: Mr Heydar Alyev, peoples just love him. He died in 2003 and now his son runs the country (quiet well it seems to be).


The promenade of Baku bay.


The azeri Soul Power....street boys doing amazing dances.


The old city.


The old city contrasting with a modern Baku in the back ground.


Carpets for sales on the street.


This three buildings complex is going to be a business center equiped with luxury hotels, restaurants and shopping malls.




I left Baku, now on my way towards Tbilissi, first day on the azeri northern road, along the Caucasus range.




The Caucasus mountaines...a bit of a french Alpes feeling!


The bike and his servant.



Tea is served with local candies....some of them made in Ukrain, a mixt of sugar and cream, delicious.


Tea time with local men.



Camping spot near the Caucasus.


A second world war memorial.



A nice road isn't it?






The Lada power in Azerbaijan: they are everywhere, still many of them!


Getting closer to Zaqatalan.


A mosk in Zaqatalan...very similar to the blue mosk of Istanbul!



It is 9 am, before I head towards the border with Georgia, the guard by the entrance of the Mosk offers me tea!


Local azeri villages names.

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