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The crossing of the Caspian Sea by ferry boat  -  Day 1 with azeri peoples.

We left Turkmenbashi at mid night and I got a warm welcome on board the vessel hosting 30 young practictants from the National Marine Academy of Baku.


Young trainees from the National Marine Academy of Baku welcome me on board the vessel. We will have great talks about Azerbaijan, France, Europe, cars, french girls and they will ask me if I have a Face-book account!


The only shot I could make about the port facilities of Turkmenbashy. It has been very frustrating not to be allowed to take pictures at many occasions in this locked up country.


The Caspian Sea



On the left an azeri sailer and on the right one of the trainee from the National Marine Academy of Baku.


Azeris oil off-shore stations.




A view at the cabin I rented for 20 dollars.


The Baku bay.


Killing time since we have to wait hours to enter the port.



The giant national flag of Azerbaijan on the left, a TV tower in the middle and a business center complex under construction on the right. The Euro Vision music contest 2012 will be held in this area of the city.


Sunset over Baku, from the ferry.

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