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14/06/11  -   Days 1 to 3 in Kyrgyzstan

My friend Vince and I left Kashgar and I kissed one last time my loved Hui Hui before moving East towards Kyrgyzstan. We spent only 3 days in the first "Stan" that we travel through, heading to Sary Tash before riding straight south to the border with Tajikistan.


We just entered Kyrgysztan, a lot greener than China.


In Sary-Tash: the road to Tajikistan is actually a trail raod, asphalt is limited and we will have to get used to it for the next 2 weeks!


A café or a shop, whatever, in Sary-Tash, an early morning.


On the side of the main road in Sary-Tash.


Vince and I while we leave Sary Tash and before our second snow storm in Kyrgyzstan. We feel warm and dry on that picture and an hour later we'll be totaly wet and freezing cold while arriving at the Kyrgyz border.


We spent the whole afternoon and night around that coal stove, getting our clothes dry and taking a rest before cycling to Kizil Art pass on the next day.


At night fall the weather got better but everything is covered with snow....



The next day in the morning. On the left, the house we stayed in for the night and on the right are the wall fences where yaks and sheeps stay overnight since a few wolfes are still hanging around in the mountaines!



Morning "toilette", getting ready for the ride!


Vince and 2 of the kids of the family we stayed with.


The young boy and his yaks, taking them out for the day.


On the way up to Kizil Art pass, here at around 3,900 meters, the road condition starts to be a nightmare.



Vince on a steep portion of the road that gets more and more muddy since snow is melting fast.


Too steep and too slippery: I have to push my bike that weight around 47 to 48 kgs with the paniers.


On the way up, breathing is difficult but we're getting closer.


Here we are Tajikistan! Vince takes a ride on this giant Marco Polo sheep to celebrate!


This is the Kizil Art pass, altitude 4265 meters.


The Kizil Art pass, my altimeter is actually 40 meters below correct altitude, at 4265 meters.

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